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 VEXAS July Newsletter:

A very good overview of VEXAS Syndrome, including nine studies listed in Table One VEXAS Syndrome—Review – PMC (

Holly Carpenter opens up about nasty online trolls amid her father’s cancer diagnosis. 3/3/24 

Who should be tested for VEXAS syndrome? 2/14/24

VEXAS syndrome: A review of cutaneous findings and treatments in an emerging autoinflammatory disease. 3/12/24

Recently identified inflammatory disease VEXAS syndrome may be more common than thought. 1/24/23

A Little-Known Inflammatory Disease Is Hiding in Plain Sight 2/14/23

VEXAS syndrome: More common, variable, and severe than expected. 1/24/23 

VEXAS: A novel rheumatologic, hematologic syndrome that’s making waves 4/7/21

VEXAS syndrome: Implications for dermatologists 4/20/21

Research articles

The material contained in these articles is provided for general information and educational purposes only. Only your healthcare professional can address concerns and questions you may have about VEXAS Syndrome.

Clinical Trials
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